Saturday, March 22, 2014

Bless his Sweet Stubborn Soul

Thank the Good Lord Above that Isaac is as stubborn as a mule.  Actually, it’s not just Isaac.  It’s a genetic characteristic given to all our children in healthy dosage by both my husband and me.  But…thank God. 

Isaac is not shy about indicating what it is that he wants.  He may point or even tell you “I want___” (Insert Veggie Tale, yellow key (to the computer cabinet), cookie, pizza, etc.).  When he’s trying to be cute, Isaac will look at me with an open face and puppy dog eyes and carefully enunciate, “May I have_____ please?”  He fully expects to be given access to his desires and sometimes he is.  Sometimes, though a mama has to say “No”.  Isaac is steadfast.  It can be near impossible to divert his interest once he has his mind made up.  While I could deal without the behaviors that sometimes accompany his incessant request, I am grateful for his painstaking perseverance. 

Isaac’s sweet stubborn soul gives me strength.  Some would say that it is Isaac’s autism that drives him to perseverate on a certain thing.  I think it’s more.  I certainly know that Isaac has autism…but I also know that a part of his nature is a wholly inherited stubborn strength and perseverance.  That knowledge gives me hope.

There have been tough days on this journey that Isaac and I have been on.  There have been dark times when fear has all but overtaken me.  There have been awful uncertainties that have actually materialized into realities.  There have been moments that I have questioned whether I was strong enough to endure.  And then I look at my sweet stubborn children.  All of them really… though Isaac does tend to exhibit that character strength a bit more vehemently than the others.  I watch him struggle and push and persevere.  He will not quit.  He will not be swayed.  His desire will be addressed. 

Thank God! 

Because of my son, I know that I can…endure.  I can fight.  I can make myself be heard through any darkness or uncertainty.  I can stand against diagnosis or bureaucrat.  I may be horribly frightened…but I know that I will stand and endure.  I see his stubborn streak and know that I have the same one…only broadened by twenty-five more years of experience than my boy’s. 

God has given my son many gifts….but today I am thankful for the inspirational gift of stubbornness. 


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