Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Isaac Can...

Isaac loves to be the first to greet each new month.  He gets so excited that he stays awake for three solid days jumping up and down in his room all night long.  "Almost May.  May 1st."  He started last week trying to progress on to May. Every calendar had been flipped and we had no idea what month or day it was around here.  Finally, today I gave in.  Today is the last day of April and the calendars are beginning to tear from constant flipping.  "You're right, Isaac.  Tomorrow is May.  May 1st tomorrow."  There is no way that child is going to go to sleep tonight.

Isaac is moving forward but I am taking a quick moment to look back.  April was a very full blur.  So much happened so very quickly with Isaac's face book page and with the blog.  So much has happened that has resulted in the same outcome...a change in perspective.

Even as a mama, it is easy to get swept into the Land of I Can't.  I have been told since I first held Isaac up to the professionals at large that Isaac Could Not Nor Would He Ever.  As a parent, I understand that my first job is to celebrate my children, but the incessant drone of diagnostics and harsh statistics does tend to squeeze the optimism out of even the most ardent pillar of strength.  

Champions of children with special needs are at great danger of being eaten by the alligators of rationality and sensibility.  These dangerous beasts assault with factoids and worse case scenarios as they drag the champions into the swamp of despair where hope and optimism are consumed with the veracity of a fresh kill.  

Yeah, I've been there.

But there is a way to crawl out. 

First, we must realize that we must crawl out.  These children have so few champions that we must return to fight for their cause.  

Next, we must change our perspective.  The teeth of those that "know better" are the facts and statistics that draw their dark realities.  Their weapon is their ability to draw our attention away from our children and to their despair.  I do understand reality and the need to face it head on...but I have found that life is all about perspective.  As champions of children, we do not have the luxury of a dark perspective.  We must shift our glace.  We must look to any hope and light we can find.

We must realize the wonder of the children we champion.  We must recognize who they are, what they can do and by whom and with what purpose they were created.  Our children are uniquely challenged and we may have to look hard to find their "I Can"...but it is there.  Since I have begun this outreach for Isaac, I have been overcome with what my son can do.  

Isaac can bring so many of us together.  Let's face it folks...we are an eclectic group but we have all come together to champion a child.  

Isaac can inspire.  I have had the pleasure of hearing some of you say that when you are having a difficult day you look to Isaac's page.  If Isaac can accomplish, so can you.  You're right!

Isaac can do so many things and with each account of each accomplishment, he can change us.  He can shift our perspective so that he is no longer a special child to be pitied, but has transformed into an amazing young man to be celebrated.

Isaac can make you smile.  He can open your heart and your mind.  When you follow my son's journey, you become more accepting of others around you who have unique needs.  You remember that we all have something going on and are kinder.  Isaac can soften your spirit and sometimes even your tongue.

Isaac all of that and so very much more.  Thank you for the opportunity to share with you.  Thank you for letting Isaac in.  

April is over but Isaac and I will keep writing and posting.  Autism Awareness Month is at an end but Isaac's autism is not.  We will keep on achieving and celebrating!  We hope you will keep on reading and liking and commenting.  We will work to spread love and encouragement.  The world needs more of that anyway!

Love You Sweet Friends!  

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