Friday, May 30, 2014

What Can You Not Do This Summer?

It's a goal anyway.  A few weeks ago, I was at my wit's end trying to balance meetings, people and obligations.  I noticed how very very noisy and insistent everything seems to be.  I'm not talking about the kiddos - that's a different kind of noise and need.  It was the world that seemed to be encroaching.
The bird song outside my window was being interrupted by the ringing of the phone.  The noises from the pond were being overtaken by the roar of the television.  Enough.  I am tired of the noise.  I am tired also of the heartache.  I go to the news sites and am bombarded by the accounts of shootings and stabbings and hatred.  Enough.  My soul is tired.

I made a decision.  I am consciously stepping back from the typical this summer.  I am set to have four days a week that I can concentrate on my little ones and on my husband.  I have taken a break from school and have a limited work schedule.  I am set to give my time to encouraging others through this blog, Isaac's page and anywhere else I have the opportunity.  I resolve to pay little attention to the news of hate.  I would much rather propagate love and hope.  I want to use these next months to celebrate simplicity.  We will continue to explore the parks and let nature use her balm to heal our maligned ears.  She can soothe us with the sounds of waterfalls, of leaves blowing in the winds and of bird song.

We won't sign up for many groups or camps but will get together to fellowship with friends.  We will step back and center.

Next year, two of my four children will be in high school.  If we don't take a moment to breathe amidst the rush of time, it will be too late and these opportunities will be lost.  No thanks.  The time is now.  I know so many are planning their summers and there are things that need to be done.  Still, I challenge you.  What can you not do this summer?  Schedule a break and learn again to listen, to hope and to love.  Moments pass and we cannot reclaim them.  Who will join me for a slow and simple summer?

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