Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First Day

Isaac loves calendars.  Scratch that...Isaac ADORES calendars.  He lives for calendars.  He obsesses over calendars.  He goes to bed with a litany of "Tomorrow morning", "Tomorrow is", "Tomorrow is Thursday."  "High School Tomorrow."  "Pizza Tomorrow."  Even when there is nothing particularly exciting on the calendar, Isaac still celebrates it in some way.  He recognizes the dance of the sun and the moon even if it is only to say "Tomorrow morning."  "Oatmeal tomorrow."  The passing of the squares is the constant in which he settles his existence.

We noticed about a year ago that Isaac had extreme sleep difficulties that peaked during the last week of every month.  He was all but bursting with excitement.  He could not sleep, was bouncing and jumping all night long for thirty six hours straight.  He would then cat nap on the bus and be at it again.  It took a while to trace the source of his concern.  The calendar was about to change.  The month was about to exit and a new one stood waiting in the wings.  Two days before the first of every month, Isaac obsessively went from calendar to calendar turning the page unable to take the excitement any longer.  Any attempt on our part to put the calendar to rights bade him get up and change it again.  Then he began to take all the calendars and keep them safely turned to the new month in his room.  It was horrible.  We couldn't keep any appointment straight.  He would hijack our computer and try to change that date as well.  He filled up every square with something.  "Oatmeal" "High School" "Sunday School" "Mom and Dad", etc, etc....

There was nothing we could do.  So you know the old adage...If you can't beat them, join them.  Fine.  We could celebrate the marking of months too.

And that is how First Day came to be.  First Day is the First Day of the month.  It is to be celebrated every month on its arrival.  Treats are entirely optional though encouraged.  Present is mandatory.  I do say present in the singular.  First Day is celebrated with only one present.  It is First Day after all!

I admit, First Day was invented to placate my son and to redirect his intent obsession with the passage of time.

But First Day came to be a wonderful celebration.  Why do we wait for a new year to initiate new beginnings when each new month gives us such a wonderful opportunity?  Why do we remember to be better and do better and serve better only annually?  No, Isaac was right.  We should take advantage of the more mundane monthly event and mark it as something special.  We should christen First Day.  First Day gives us another opportunity to reflect and reevaluate.  First Day is full of hope and adventure.  First Day refreshes us.  It shuts the door on our recent mistakes and miscalculations. First Day waves us forward and bids us try again.  First Day is a day to celebrate.  It is a day to forgive ourselves, believe in ourselves and rally forward.

Perhaps Isaac is a philosopher.  Perhaps he understands the importance of forward thinking and constant betterment.  Perhaps he understands the toxic nature of living too much in the past.  Perhaps he is calling us to "Try Better," and "Get to Work".  Perhaps.  Who am I to dispute that?

Let's follow Isaac's call.  It's almost First Day.  How will you mark the day?

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