Sunday, March 30, 2014

Almost April! Inspirational Ideas

Isaac is very excited that April is coming!  All day...everyday....we hear "Almost April!"  He keeps trying to change the calendar to speed time and magically invite April to our house early!

Truth be told, Isaac wants Easter to come and with it two Wiggles VHS tapes (yes, VHS tapes).  It's his thing and he knows they are to be his Easter gifts.

April though is also Autism Awareness Month and is a time where I have challenged each of you to use Isaac's determination as inspiration for you to make a positive change in your own life.

So let's talk change.  Change is hard!  Change involves transition and learning new routines and remembering new ways.  Change happens...but only with help.  Isaac is here to help!  After all, as Isaac would remind you, "I am that hero!"

We wanted to give you some ideas of what you can do with Isaac as inspiration forAutism Awareness Month....

Isaac loves hiking.  Maybe you can take a hike for Isaac!

Isaac loves exploring the South Carolina State Parks!  There are 47 and are each beautiful cradles of nature and history.  Exploring a South Carolina State Park would be a wonderful I Can ... for Isaac!

Isaac has enjoyed picnicing.  Who am I kidding?  Isaac loves to eat in general!  Have a picnic with your family for Isaac!

Isaac enjoys doing new things.  Get started on a family do it yourself project...for Isaac!

Isaac is an individal and works hard on speech.  Let's think about our speech.  Person centered language is very important to me.  I hate the word "autistic".  Maybe I hate it more because the word ends in the same sound as my son's name.  That word robs him of his personhood.  I understand that autism is pervasive but my son will always bear the name I gave him and not a diagnositic label.  Person centered language is about recognizing the individual.  Isaac is not autistic.  Isaac has autism.
Change your language...for Isaac!

Isaac pays attention to the feelings of others.  He will point and label "Happy" "Sad" "Mad" and then usually join in on their emotion.  We can empathize...for Isaac.  Look at those around you.  Listen to them. Recognize if they are having a bad day and find a way to give them encouragement and love...for Isaac.

I'll be posting a lot in the coming month.  Thank you so much for taking the I Can ...for Isaac journey with us!  There are so many things you can do ... for Isaac.  Post pictures and updates of your journey to the facebook page!

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