Tuesday, April 1, 2014

It's Autism Awareness Month...What I'm Aware Of

It's April.  April has been designated Autism Awareness Month.

There are not adequate or accurate words to share with you how challenging autism can be....at least not that I can muster right now.  I'd rather share with you what autism has made me aware of and how my son's diagnosis shapes me into a better person.

Autism has made me Aware....that there is no such thing as a small achievement.  I used to take for granted the everyday mundane things.  I would have never thought to rejoice to see a toddler pointing at what they want or pretend that a tupperware lid was a cookie.  Every step is a big deal.  Every move ahead is noteable and noteworthy!  Everyday brings so many new opportunities to learn! And every new thing discovered is worth rejoicing over.

Autism has made me Aware...that the quietness of kindness and love are more forceful than the mightest hurricanes of uncertainty or fear.  Why is it that we are taught that kindness equates to weakness?  Kindness, compassion, love...these are the lights that break through the darkest evils.  Everyone has uncertainly.  Everyone has a burden.  Our souls are thirsting for those lovely intangibles of kindness, compassion and love.  Autism helped to teach me that.

Autism has made me Aware...that anyone can minister....and should.  We are community.  It is our job to notice those around us, to see need and to meet it.  Autism went further on this point.  We are all important enough and capable enough to minister to each other in some way.  We are never so incapable that we cannot love.  We are never so incapable that we cannot inspire.

Autism has made me Aware ...that life is made up of moments.  The difficult ones will pass and we can make it through.  Hope inspires and gives us the will to get to the next moment.  The beautiful moments pulse joy.  They sparkle with wonder.  Autism has made me aware enough to recognize these glorious moments, to seize them and play in them.  Rejoice!  Play!  Laugh....Loudly!  Grab it, Enjoy it and Cherish it.  Tuck it into your most special memory pocket.  It will grow into hope.

Autism has made me Aware...

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