Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thank You For Being A Friend...

OK...stop singing the Golden Girls theme song to yourself.  Though it is a good song...just a bit overused.

In the midst of the blogs and the videos and the posts, I wanted to take a minute and say "Thank You."

Thank you for giving a few moments of your day to check in on Isaac.  There are so many demands on your energy and your time.  The fact that you make a moment to check in and see what Isaac is doing is always amazing to me.  I know what its like.  People are clamoring for every spare second and you choose to give freely to Isaac of your time.  You read the posts and this blog.  You like and comment on his pictures and videos.  You keep up.  You insert yourself into Isaac's life.  Lord knows you are not getting paid and you have to put other things on hold for a moment in order to make time for Isaac.  Still, you give freely of that most precious commodity of time.  Thank you dear friends.

Thank you for giving me your ear.  I skimmed a news article yesterday that bemoaned our ever lessening attention span.  The article proclaimed that if something can't be said in two seconds, it will be ignored.  Dear friends, I am often prolific and every once in a while profound.  I am not an easy read.  I do try in these writings to give you an honest look into our lives and our journey along this complicated trail of special needs.  Our walk with Isaac is complex.  The road changes terrain with every step.  It is impossible to give you an honest account that is brief and simple.  Life with Isaac doesn't work that way.  We love you enough, dear reader- we value you enough- to gift you with our honest selves- that takes a bunch of words and it takes an attentive ear.  You give yourself freely to these writings.  You read them and you think about them.  You absorb my words and with those words you take in a little bit of our lives.  You share the trail and while you are reading, you journey with us.  Thank you sweet friends.

Thank you especially for giving us your heart.  I am continually astounded by the number of page views that this blog consistently receives.  I am floored by the number of likes Isaac has on his page and am humbled at the daily level of activity that occurs among the posts and pictures.  You have chosen to love Isaac.  You have chosen to bring him into your heart and to allow him to change your vision, your expectations, and your perceptions.  You have allowed my son to inspire you to try harder, to listen and understand others more fully and to love more deeply.  You have allowed yourselves to redefine Isaac and others with different needs.  Isaac is not incapable to you.  He is a fine example of God's craftsmanship put here for a grand purpose.  He is not a person for whom you feel pity but is instead an example of strength and perseverance.  You have put on new eyes that see the weakest as the strongest. You have opened your hearts to celebrate the victories of friends of all abilities.  You have fallen in love with my son.  Thank you, thank you, thank you dear sweet friends.  

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